Monday, October 9, 2017

Montana Fishing Beaverhead

Armstead Campground fishing Beaverhead Creek, which is fed by the Clark Resevoir. 2 feeder streams very fun small streams with loads of trout. Red Rock River and Horse Prairie Creek. Upstream both of these traverse private property. George has the names of the ranchers and a friend who knows them personally that he fishes with in Chile. Beaverhead just below the resevoir (upper) is very grassy. loads of small trout hitting on dry flies. lower down a couple of miles the grass disappears and larger browns hitting on streamers. Beaverhead lower section worked well last night with streamers. George had a dark streamer, I had a white one. used the same white streamer on Horse Prairie and got 6 strikes yesterday. Headed back to Wolf Creek today to check out more of the Missouri. The temperature is 40 degrees colder this time around. Bryan