Sunday, November 25, 2007

playing both ends against the middle

Jackson and his friend spent yesterday raking up leaves in the neighbors yards for a couple of dollars a piece. Jackson ended up making around $15. Thankfully, I've convinced him that buying Webkinz is a waste of money. I told him that money can actually grow if you keep it in a bank and he looked at me quizzically with a smirky smile..."really???", he said! I finally caught on with the scam as I saw the pile leaves grow in our yard. This was a scheme to amass a large pile of leaves in OUR yard so that all of the kids could jump in the biggest pile of leaves ever. He wanted to see if his pile could make the internet on the, and didn't want to move the pile until guinness had put him on the internet. I told him that I could put his picture on the internet and so here it is! I am paying him $5 to move the leaves that was already paid to move to our yard from our yard into the trash.
In the case that Guinness needs the measurements of the pile, the pile is 3 ft high and 12 ft in circumference.


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