Sunday, June 15, 2008

New York City Criterium Live in the shop

The message below was sent from Curtis (co-owner of Haymarket Bicycles)

To all:We will have our very own Haymarket Racing teams New York event live tomorrow (that's today now - Sunday 6/15) televised in the shop starting at 4:00pm. Please come and cheer our local BAMF's against the likes of some stiff competition (you may have heard of a guy named Tyler Hamilton) on a national stage. Beverages provided. Bring anything else you may desire. We will remain at the shop until the race ends.

...later in the day....

At 4pm, I went down to the shop and joined Curtis, Steevo, ?Dot?, Scott, and a few other lucky customers who ventured in and we watched Jared and Hayes on TV competing against the nations finest at the Harlem Criterium. We would watch the peloton shoot around the corners, catching glimpses of Jared and "Rat" Hayes on many occasions. At one point, we were excited to see Jared on the front. Tomorrow, Decanio, Steevo and Parks are headed for the Tour of OH, so that will be fun to keep up with by following Steevo's blog.


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