Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bobke's Tour De Millersburg

Millersburg is a very cool little town set on the east side of the susquehanna river north of Harrisburg. If you know PA well, then you know that Rt 11 goes north along the west side of the river and so to get to Millersburg, you have to go very far north or south and then backtrack or take a ferry across the river. It's not easy to get to, which is bad for motorists, good for cyclists. Before the race, we were cruising around town and came across a waterfront park off the beaten path on the river just 1 block away from the main street of town. As Terry was soaking in the beauty, he just about ran straight into a blue haired lady driving a 1975 plymouth. The lady was all smiles and waving, little did we know that she was thinking 'if you take one step closer I'm pulling out my baseball bat'. Between races, we ate at the Wooden Nickel for lunch which seemed to be the only option, but a good one at that! The service was excellent and the food was great. I even had a beer between races to 'carb up' and recover from the TT - maybe that's why I was riding a bit sketchy in the crit? The town was VERY supportive. Entire streets where people normally park their cars in front of their homes were cleared for the event.

Bobke was at the race doing pre race recognition and coordinating the stages. Below is a video of Bobke calling up the women's elite riders.

After the call ups, he was pretty much hanging out, so it was a great time to meander over and catch up with my old buddy, Bob Roll. Nusbaum and I stopped by and got to spend about 5 minutes chatting with him. Pretty cool to be able to small talk with Bob Roll in this setting. We talked about his tour experience, frustration about travel and airlines and I thought it would be entertaining to run my race strategy by him for the crit (just try to hold on to the back - what do you think?) Bobke laughed and said, well - you might want to get up to the front at some point. Then he thought about it and said being at the back wouldn't be the worst thing on a course like this one, but you'll want to start working up on the last 2 laps. Anyway, very cool to have Bob Roll at the event and kudos to race coordinator for getting him out. I asked him what brought him to the event and he said, well, the race coordinator just called him up and Bobke accepted.

This was the first TT for Terry and I, so we didn't know what to expect. We did our best to get aero and all...I had an old TT bar that I managed to mount onto my road bike, but that was it. We did OK, but we didn't break any records that's for sure. When I got passed halfway thru the course, I was trying to tell myself that the guy must be in contention for the stage win or something, then 2 other guys passed me, I realized that I suck (relative to the competition). My average speed on the 20k TT was 25 mph (12.43 miles / (29.27 minutes / 60 minutes)) Now I am in a buy a TT bike and aero equipment for thousands of dollars to use it only twice a year...or not! I am thinking that my ego isn't that fragile. But I did enjoy the race against the clock and perhaps I can find something cheap somewhere.

I underperformed in both the crit and the road race. I had the legs, and in the road race, I would have been ready to go but miscounted the laps. I had it in my head that we were doing 4 12 mile loops, not 3 18 mile loops, so I ignored everything else and when the pace picked up on lap 3 it was too late. That was my day for a good finish and I missed it. No matter, it was worth the trip.


At August 21, 2008 at 8:23 AM , Blogger John P. said...

Hey, Bryan, Nice meeting you at the Race. Pretty cool you got the pic with Bob. He's a pretty nice guy from what I saw. Millersburg is great isn't it? But don't tell too many people, it might ruin the whole thing. hehe

At August 21, 2008 at 8:23 AM , Blogger Kyle Jones said...

I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if Joe jefferson called the race with bobke there. That would have been pretty cool.

At August 21, 2008 at 2:44 PM , Blogger RayMan said...

Good racing with you this past weekend. I'm really looking forward to this event next year. Best weekend of racing. Great courses, great locals. Very cool meeting Bob.

I wanted to thank you for giving me the encouragement to not get dropped in the last couple of miles of the RR. Not sure if you realized you did this or not, but wanted to thank you.

After my final attempt at a break with maybe 2 miles to go, I attacked on one the flatter sections heading into the run into town. I was chasing someone ahead of me, and my legs started konking out. I pulled over to the side of the road and let the pack pass. I tried getting back in line but a gap formed, my legs were screaming, the moto dude past me, and I thought to myself "this sucks, I'm going to get dropped". I looked up and saw you looking over your shoulder. I was thinking you were making sure I didn't get dropped, so I buried myself in one last effort and bridged past the moto-dude and got back on your wheel. The rest of the run into town was just trying to stay on someone's wheel.

Thanks again

At August 21, 2008 at 8:53 PM , Blogger John P. said...

Rayman, I think that was me you passed on your last breakaway attempt. I thought you were a spinners rider. I couldn't hold your wheel so I drifted back to the pack. It was tough out there in the wind wasn't it? LOL

At August 21, 2008 at 8:54 PM , Blogger BB said...


I was thinking about hanging back and pulling you up, but all I could muster was some words of encouragement. You raced all out! and were one of the very few who made a good effort to get away. way to be...


At August 22, 2008 at 5:48 PM , Blogger RayMan said...


Funny, I didn't even realize how windy it was on that break attempt. I went up the right side, just as someone went up the left side, and I tried to get his slipstream but he was far enough away that I wasn't getting any draft. When I realized I had no legs left, I just sat up. Hardest part of the race for me was trying to get back into the draft of the pack as they sailed past. I was really close to getting dropped.


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